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Roses All Around

These classic beauties are favored by gardeners worldwide, but especially here in Rose City. Discover our collection of varieties for 2024 that will provide timeless beauty in your garden from spring through fall.

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Home Grown

A fourth-generation family farm in Portland's West Hills, we pride ourselves in growing truly amazing plants, selecting the best gifts and supplies, and making the most delicious brunch, pastries, and espresso in our Cafe.

Check out our fantastic selection of annuals, perennials, and shrubs grown in our Production Greenhouses just down the hill.

Deep Rooted

In 2023, we celebrate 36 years in the Nursery business, but did you know that our family has been stewards of this plot of land for nearly 100 years? Four generations — and counting — have worked here at the Farm, which started off as a dairy.

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After Winter Weather

Nature is resilient, and even when our gardens are buried under ice and fallen limbs, all is not lost! Check out our blog for a message of hope and a bit of timely garden guidance to help you through the next few days of cleanup.

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Need to Replace a Tree?

During the recent winter storm, many trees around town were either downed or suffered major damage. If you're looking for a particular tree to replace a beloved specimen, send us a message, and we'd be happy to see what we can track down for you from our trusted growers and suppliers.

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February Gardening

While Febraury is a quiet in a garden, we know spring is on its way! The earliest bulbs begin to poke their heads up this month, and so can we as gardeners! Take a peek inside our monthly garden guide for inspiration and growing tips to help you out this month.

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What our fans are saying...


Great selection of annuals , veggies, herbs, trees and house plants!

Hope Fimon
June 2022 - Google

One of the best selections of plants in Portland. Their hidden gem also has an amazing restaurant with an awesome breakfast and coffee shop...

David Fischer
March 2022 - Google

What's not to love about a cozy cafe in a pastel yellow house that's part of a farm that offers you an amazing selection of plants?

Ploy N.
Jan. 2022 - Yelp

This cute little farm house was so unexpected for me. I came to purchase a Fiddle Leaf and ended up relaxing with an amazing pastry and latte...

April Mae T.
Jan. 2022 - Yelp

So cute! Every plant imaginable, and yummy food!

Meghan Kelly
Sep. 2021

...You must go check this place out for breakfast... As for plans, this place beats Portland Nursery and I thought that place was awesome.

David Fischer
Aug. 2021

This is the best nursery in the entire Portland metro area! ...Cornell Farms nursery is the most pleasant and fun one to visit that we've ever encountered.

Gregg Childs

Fantastic selection of unusual evergreens and Japanese maples. The employees are great... Treat yourself to the best...

R. Miller

Cornell farms. It's a wonderful way to spend your morning whether shopping the plant section or just enjoying the lovely restaurant...

M. Zander
Aug. 2020
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