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8212 SW Barnes Road

Portland, OR 97225

(503) 292-9895


Open Daily :: 9am - 6pm


Daily :: 8am - 6pm

Dinner :: Paused until indoor dining is allowed/warmer weather.


Guest Reviews

Fantastic selection of unusual evergreens and Japanese maples. The employees are great. Obviously you'll pay more than you would at Home Depot, but you'll also get better trees. Why try to save $40 on something that will be in your front yard for the rest of your life? Consider yourself lucky to live somewhere where almost anything will grow. Treat yourself to the best...

R. Miller January 2020

Cornell farms. It's a wonderful way to spend your morning whether shopping the plant section or just enjoying the lovely restaurant. They are dog friendly and the outside patio is relaxing. The staff is excellent and attentive...

M. Zander August 2020