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Kitchen Garden School


Welcome to Kitchen Garden School at Cornell Farm! Whether you're a veggie lover, an herb enthusiast, or a fruit fanatic, growing a kitchen garden is a wonderful way to get the most out of your outdoor space. Should you choose to join us, we'll be embarking on a learning journey that will stretch from January planning through the October harvest.

If you're just now finding us, feel free to jump in with the most recent lesson, or pick and choose the ones that most appeal to your gardening sensibilities.

Orientation & Program Overview

Kitchen Garden School will take the form of a video lesson, recommended garden activities, and resources for success that will be packaged in a blog post and delivered to your email inbox towards the beginning of every month. Additionally, our lead Kitchen Gardener, Cynthia DuVal, will be following-up each virtual lesson with an in-person Q&A session at the Farm to answer any questions pertinent to that month's lesson. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on Kitchen Garden School whenever we release new virtual lessons or announce dates for in-person Q&A sessions.

Follow along in real time or bookmark the lessons as a reference down the line. There's no wrong way to learn with us. We just want to help you be a successful Kitchen Gardener here in the Pacific Northwest!

For Your Bookshelf

There are two resources we highly recommend to accompany us on our learning journey together:

We will be posting relevant readings from these two references with each lesson, so plan to make room in your library for both of them.

Explore the Lessons

January: Planning Your Kitchen Garden

January is the perfect time of year to plan for the kitchen garden of your dreams, no matter how much space you're working with. In this month's lesson, Cynthia walks us through her thought process as she approaches planning and goal setting in the Kitchen Garden display beds here at the Farm.

Q&A Session - Saturday 1/21/23 | 3:30 - 4:30pm | Cafe Pavilion

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February: Getting Ready for the Growing Season

This month, we're building upon the foundation we laid in January and tackling a few to-do list items before the primary growing season arrives, from preparing the soil in our garden beds to starting a few seeds, taking care of any winter pruning, and even planting a handful of early crops.

Q&A Session - Sunday 2/12/23 | 3:30 - 4:30pm | Cafe Pavilion

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Meet With Us In Person

Mark your calendars, because our lead kitchen gardener, Cynthia, will be leading a discussion related to each month's lesson in the Cafe Pavilion just behind the yellow Farmhouse. Stay up-to-date on in-person meetings through our Facebook Event, then drop in to meet fellow kitchen gardeners and get your questions answered. 

Topics & Schedule for 2023

January: Planning Your Kitchen Garden

  • Lesson Email Date - Friday 1/13
  • Q&A Session - Saturday 1/21 | 3:30 - 4:30pm | Cafe Pavilion

February: Getting Ready for the Growing Season

  • Lesson Email Date - Friday
  • Q&A Session - Sunday 2/12 | 3:30 - 4:30pm | Cafe Pavilion

March: Planting for the Harvest - Fruit Trees & Berries

  • Lesson Email Date - Friday 3/3
  • Q&A Session - Sunday 3/12 | Time TBD | Location TBD

April: Culinary & Medicinal Herbs

  • Lesson Email Date - Friday 4/7
  • Q&A Session - Sunday 4/16 | Time TBD | Location TBD

May: Growing Incredible Tomatoes Year-After-Year

  • Lesson Email Date - Friday 5/5
  • Q&A Session - Sunday 5/14 | Time TBD | Location TBD

June: Planting Summer Herbs & Vegetable Starts

  • Lesson Email Date - Friday 6/2
  • Q&A Session -Sunday 6/11 | Time TBD | Location TBD

July: Summer Watering

  • Lesson Email Date - Friday 7/7
  • Q&A Session - Sunday 7/16 | Time TBD | Location TBD

August: Keeping Your Harvest Going

  • Lesson Email Date - Friday 8/4
  • Q&A Session - Sunday 8/13 | Time TBD | Location TBD

September: Preserving Your Harvest

  • Lesson Email Date - Friday 9/1
  • Q&A Session - Sunday 9/10 | Time TBD | Location TBD

October: Celebrating the Fall Harvest

  • Lesson Email Date - Friday 10/6
  • Q&A Session - Sunday 10/15 | Time TBD | Location TBD