Christmas Trees at Cornell Farm

Looking for freshly cut Christmas Trees in the Portland area? We're proud to source all of our premium-grade trees from sustainable, family-owned farms in Oregon and Washington, and our Christmas Tree Experts are happy to help you pick out the perfect one. We'll even give it a fresh cut and load it onto your car for you — or we can help you schedule delivery and/or setup at checkout!

Stay tuned for more info on our 2024 Christmas Tree availability in October!

Noble Fir

Native to the Northwest, Nobles are often considered the quintessential Christmas tree. They naturally grow into a traditional pyramid form with strong branching, plus that signature spicy aroma.

Expected Shipment Dates: TBD

Organic Noble Fir

These trees have been thoughtfully grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers by our friends Roger and Cathy of Trillium Forest Farms, just outside of Sandy, Oregon.

Expected Shipment Dates: TBD

Wild Noble Fir

These Noble Firs have not been pruned or cultured in any way, giving them the same wide branch spacing you'd find in the woods.

Expected Shipment Dates: TBD

Fraser Fir

Native to the Appalachian Mountains, Frasers have strong branches that turn slightly upwards, making them the most compact of the cut trees. The deep blue/green needles are silver on the bottom and give off a light, pleasant fragrance.

Expected Shipment Dates: TBD

Nordmann Fir

Looking very similar to a Noble Fir, Nordmanns have a solid reputation for outlasting every other species of cut tree indoors. They also have the least fragrance of any tree, making them perfect for anyone with allergies.

Expected Shipment Dates: TBD

Grand Fir

Native to the Pacific Northwest, Grand Firs are the most fragrant of Christmas trees, with full branching and light-duty branches that are best suited for smaller ornaments, lights, and garlands.

Expected Shipment Dates: TBD

Douglas Fir

A species native to the Northwest, Doug Firs have lighter-duty branches with very soft needles and a mild, sweet fragrance. Because they are fast growers, they are also among the least expensive cut trees.

Expected Shipment Dates: TBD


The most elegant Christmas Tree species, Silvertips get their name from the metallic silver of their bark and needles. Wide, even spacing between strong branches also make these perfect for larger ornaments.

Expected Shipment Dates: TBD

Delivery Options

We are proud to not only offer our guests beautiful, freshly cut trees for the holidays, but local delivery options tailored to your lifestyle and needs, as well!

Marriage Saver Tree Setup

Take all the stress out of tree setup! We’ll deliver your tree and set it up in your home with its stand securely installed, positioned just right (and perfectly straight) and filled with water. All that’s left to do is decorate!

Visit us in person to schedule your tree setup!

Drop-Ship Tree Delivery

This simple shipping option is for those who “will take it from here." We’ll deliver the tree directly to your driveway or curbside — pre-installed in your Christmas Tree stand if you leave it with us ahead of time.

Visit us in person to schedule your tree delivery!

Tree Recycling

If you'd like us to recycle your tree after the holidays, we can do that too! Trees are collected the same way they’re delivered: Drop-shipped trees will be picked up from the curbside, and in-home setup trees will be bagged and removed from your home for a no mess, no hassle conclusion to the holiday season.

Best of all, you can rest easy knowing your recycled tree will have a positive impact on the environment. For the last three years, we have been proud to partner with the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge to help them restore historical wetland habitat using the recycled Christmas Trees we provide, and we are excited to continue our partnership this year, as well!

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There's an environmental success story being written at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge with the help of recycled Christmas Trees from Cornell Farm.

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