Tillandsia Houston 7-8in

Tillandsia Houston 7-8in

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Tillandsia Houston is a larger growing air plant with silvery green foliage. The center of the plant will tinge purple before blooming. A spike will emerge with a light or dark pink inflorescence (depending on variety) and tiny white flowers. Blooms may last several days to weeks depending on light & care.

Mature size: 6in

Blooms: pink, white

Foliage: silver, green

Origins: Brazil & Argentina (although many are hybrids)

Care: display in bright/filtered/ not direct sun. The silvery leaves mean the plant is more sun tolerant. Tiny trichomes give this plant and others (like Tectorum) a layer of sun protection. But this does not mean it would like to be in all day hot sun. A couple hours of morning sun is fine. There are two ways to water. If you like misting do so 3 + times a week or depending on how dry/humid or bright the area is. If you like the soak method, 1-2 times a week should be fine (again depending on the environment). Don't forget to gently shake out the extra water to prevent rotting. The length of time is all over the board. We let ours soak until the leaves look green, usually 10min or less. Its usually better to underwater tillandsia.

Tillandsia Tip: The finer greener leaves usually mean more frequent the watering.

If your tillandsia is housed in a terrarium, a once/wk watering is usually sufficient.

Tillandsia do not require soil like other types of plants. The leaves gather moisture & nutrients. The roots grow to attach to bark, rock or other organic matter to secure the plant.

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