Rose Pre-Order

In years past, we've offered rose enthusiasts the opportunity to pre-order specific rose varieties in advance of our early spring shipments, but this year, we will be doing things a little differently.

Rather than offer roses for pre-order, we invite you to simply browse our online selection of roses and make use of the new "Notify Me When Available" button underneath all out-of-stock items. With this new site functionality, you'll be the first to know when your wishlist plants are back on the Farm — and it works for more than just roses, too!

Please note: The varieties we have listed are our expected stock, but we are still awaiting final vendor confirmation, and as such, we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular rose varieties at this time.

How to Receive Restock Notifications

1: Explore our collection of roses we expect to have available in the spring. They will be listed as out of stock until shipments arrive in the spring and they are added to our inventory.

2: Navigate to the individual listing for the rose you are interested in receiving an email notification for when it is back in stock.

3: Click the "Notify Me When Available" button located underneath the information about your plant.

4: Input your email address when prompted in the popup that opens on the page.

5: Wait until spring! When the roses are ready in early March, you will receive an automated notification in your inbox letting you know of any roses that you were interested in that are available. At that time, you can proceed with your online order or come visit us at the Farm to shop for your roses in person.

Roses at Cornell Farm

We receive one shipment of roses per year — typically in late February or early March — and the plants arrive in their dormant stage, pruned back to only a few canes whose roots are just beginning to fill the pot. As the weather warms, these roses will begin to grow branches, set new leaves, and form flower buds in no time! While they might not look like much at first, rose lovers know just how precious these potted plants are, which is why we recommend shopping early in the season rather than waiting for roses to be in bloom at the Farm.