December 22, 2020 2 min read

When most people think of Cornell Farm, they think of our quality plants, trees, gardening and nursery supplies. It sometimes surprises customers when they discover that we also carry an amazing selection of gifts, self-care items and homegoods. In a season where many have been spending more time at home than ever before, these items are becoming some fan-favorites. To illustrate this point, we have come up with our top 10 favorite ways to unwind..indoors..
Bath Time:We tend to live by the motto…”When all else fails, take a bath.” We love Nectar Republic bath soak vials & Whipped up Wonderful bath bombs.
Aromatherapy: A good scent can soothe the soul, and we have anever-changing assortment of candles and natural oils, like Elemental fromIllume, that are perfect for inhaling good vibes.
Massage: Massage can be a powerful tool in erasing sore muscles and fatigue. Simply taking the time to rub in a bit of our Walton Wood Farm Hand Rescue is sure to boost your mood! Walton Wood is committed to making high quality products with sustainable ingredients and all are free from harsh ingredients like SLS, Parabens, & Phthalates. They are vegetarian/vegan friendly & gluten free.
Puzzles: Not only are puzzles shown to improve memory and cognitive function, they are also a nice way to spend a relaxing afternoon (bonus...without a screen)! We have a huge selection of puzzles including the glow-in-the-dark kid’s puzzles that are a huge hit for families. 
Journaling: Taking time to journal your thoughts, feelings, or even progress on your projects can help refocus your mind. Many find that routine journaling helps to provide direction and a certain release of negativity, uncertainty and disorder. We have some beautiful journals that make perfect gifts for yourself or loved ones!
Meditation: Many choose to improve spiritual well being through the art of meditation. Setting the scene with some sage smudge, palo santo wood,
and crystals can be an excellent way to help achieve mental calmness and clarity. 
Reading: We firmly believe that nothing will ever replace the feeling of an old-fashion book in your hands. From titles on birds to self-care to houseplant loversand Dan Hinkley’s just-out tome on building a garden, we have a book for everyone! 
Gardening: Ok, so we know we said this was not about plants...but we couldn’t resist including our favorite way to decompress… Dirt under your nails is good for your soul, end of story. If you aren’t an outdoorsy-type or you don’t have a yard, try caring for some houseplants. We even sell grow lights and bulbs so you can keep them alive in your dark basement!
Tea and Treats: A nice warm mug of Smith peppermint tea, a few McCrea’s Candies Caramelsor Gardiner’s HandmadeScottish Fudge, and a seat by the fireside can make for a perfectly cozy afternoon. Our cafe sells both, along with other tasty goodies and gifts!
Showing gratitude: Sometimes what we all need is a little perspective. Spending some time writing some thank you notes or even a quick “hello” to an old friend will not only do wonders for your outlook, but it’s sure to bring a smile to the recipients face. We have a variety of stationery sets and cards to suit all tastes! 

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