Houseplant Month 2024

Houseplant Month 2024

January is officially here, and we're celebrating not only the start of a new year, but the Cornell Farm's annual Houseplant Month, too! For the past few year's, we've celebrated with themed decor, fun events, and exciting new plant arrivals — and this year is no different. In case you couldn't tell, our theme for 2024 is outer space! Right now, you will find a host of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies suspended in our Houseplant Greenhouse, each with a fun plant fact listed on one side. For instance, did you know that on our little planet, it's estimated that there are somewhere between 380,000 and 400,000 extant plant species? And that doesn't even account for the staggering number of named cultivars grown across the globe!

Monstera deliciosa 'Thai Constellation'

Out-of-This-World Plants

In addition to the new decor in our Greenhouse, you'll find that we've rearranged our displays to make space for all the new and exciting plants that are arriving by the day, including many sought-after varieties and impressively sized specimens like the appropriately named Monstera 'Thai Constellation' pictured above.

While most of our displays haven't moved terribly far from their previous locations, a few things have shuffled around. On the south end of our Greenhouse, you will still find many of our high-light plants from drier climates, including cacti, agaves, and other succulents, plus hanging shelves loaded with air plants. In contrast, most of our low and moderate-light plants are clustered on the Greenhouse's north end, with monsteras, orchids, and bonsai plants along the along the west wall, terrarium plants and minis along the north wall, and low-light and pet-safe houseplants along the east wall. In the middle, you will find many of our larger foliage plants, as well as our table full of rare and unusual specimens.

Our houseplant team has also been working on a curated display of Zodiac plants correlated with the stars each of us was born under, which you can also find on this end of the Greenhouse near the registers. If you want to find a plant that embodies your astrological sign, be sure to check it out!

Upcoming Events

It wouldn't be Houseplant Month without an excuse to meet other plant parents and talk about our collections! Check out the following series of events to help keep you engaged with the houseplant hobby that's sweeping the galaxy, including our quarterly Houseplant Swap — a fan favorite!

We hope to see you this month!

At Cornell Farm, we have a huge selection of houseplants just waiting to be explored — but especially during Houseplant Month. We hope to see you in the coming days. Our team members are always happy to assist you as you pick out a plant and to answer any questions you may have about its care.