Fresh Cut Chrsistmas Tree Care

Fresh Cut Chrsistmas Tree Care

People often ask us: How long will one of your freshly cut Christmas Trees last inside my house? And that's a great question! There are many factors that go into determining the life of a cut tree indoors, and the good news is that many of them are in your control.

At Cornell Farm, we are proud to offer a wide selection of Christmas Tree varieties to our guests each year, including Noble, Grand, Frasier, Nordmann, Douglas, and Silvertip Firs. We source all of our Christmas Trees from the highest quality growers in Oregon and Washington, so you can be sure that they are well cared for before they go home with you. This will help you enjoy the longest life from your tree, no matter which variety you choose.

While all of the varieties we carry behave similarly as cut trees, if you put one of each in the same room and gave them the same care, we would expect the Nordmann to last a little longer than the others, and the Douglas to dry out a little quicker, with all the others falling somewhere in between. With the possible exception of the Douglas Fir, all of our trees should easily last six or more weeks in your home without becoming so dry that they shed needles — provided that you follow some simple advice, that is!

1. Locate your tree wisely.

The biggest factor in the life of a cut tree the temperature and humidity of the room it's placed in. Left undercover outside, a tree with no water could last months before starting to show signs of dryness. However, the air inside our homes is significantly warmer and dryer than it is outside, which causes cut trees to transpire moisture much faster. To maximize the life of your tree, be sure to locate it away from any sources of heat and keep the area you place it in as cool as possible. This can be accomplished by siting your tree as far as possible from any fireplaces you’re planning on using and closing any air ducts near the tree. Another pro tip: If you can, opt for LED string lights instead of incandescent ones, because those traditional lights emit a surprising amount of heat that will dry out your tree.

2. Water your tree right away.

We give every tree we sell a fresh cut off the bottom of its trunk, which re-opens the pores and allows it to drink water again. Unless the tree gets into water, those pores will start closing up again, restricting the amount of water the tree can take up. To prevent this from happening, be sure to place your tree in water within two hours of it receiving a fresh cut.

3. Keep it watered.

Once your tree stand is full of water, don’t let it run out. If the water level drops below the bottom of the tree, the pores will close back up and it won’t be able to drink any more. Freshly cut Christmas Trees tend to drink the most water in the first day or two they are place in your home, then slow way down. Check the water level frequently to get a feel for how quickly your tree will drink, which will help you stay on top of keeping it watered so that you can enjoy a beautiful tree in your home all season long.