Nominate Us

Show Your Love for Cornell Farm this Spring!

If you enjoy shopping at the Nursery or dining with us at the Cafe, we'd appreciate you taking a moment to nominate us for this year's Best of Portland list from Willamette Week! All you have to do is simply write in "Cornell Farm" or "Cornell Farm Cafe" in whichever category speaks to you — may we humbly suggest "Best Garden Supply/Nursery" or "Best Plant Shop" for the Nursery and "Best Brunch Spot" or "Best Family-Friendly Restaurant" for the Cafe. Don't panic when you're redirected to a sign-in page, as Willamette Week requires free voter registration.

The nomination period runs through April 20 and will be followed up by a vote among the top five nominees from each category, so your help in nominating us and spreading the word is instrumental in recognizing a local, family-owned business like us.