2023 Holiday Decor Guide

2023 Holiday Decor Guide

Each year in the lead-up to the holidays, you can count on Cornell Farm to provide you with a beautiful assortment of decorative touches to beautify your home for the season, from fresh garland and wreaths at the Patio to felt ornaments, statues, candles, and more in our Gift Shop! Scroll through the following images for some inspiration, then visit us in person to shop for all things holiday beginning in late October. Be sure to check back often because we'll be adding even more decorative elements throughout November and into December.

Wreaths for Days

As the song says "the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be on your own front door!" There's nothing more inviting around the holidays than a beautiful, fresh wreath to welcome your guests in, and they're not just made from holly, either! We're proud to offer a fantastic selection of deluxe designer wreaths crafted from fir, cedar, juniper, holly, boxwood, manzanita, and more in various styles and sizes, ranging from candle wreaths small enough to sit face-up on a table to wall wreaths big enough to stand in. (We're not kidding.)

If you prefer a DIY approach, our annual lineup of Holiday Wreath Workshops kicks off the week of Thanksgiving and is the perfect way to take home a custom wreath and plenty of lasting memories. Or, if you prefer to make your wreath at home, we have all the supplies you need at the Patio, from fresh greenery to wreath rings and more!

Mantel Makeover

If you're someone that looks forward to this time of year just so that your home can smell like a coniferous forest, then you'll love our extensive selection of fresh, fragrant garland to adorn your mantel. (It also looks fantastic draped from porch railings and rooflines!) You can choose from pre-cut lengths of cedar and fir, or we'll cut them to your specifications. We also have mantelpieces made just for this purpose, featuring scented cinnamon sticks, bright berries, and other festive accents that will look lovely sitting above your stockings on the mantel. And we've even seen people use them to great effect as low-profile centerpieces that run the length of their holiday table, allowing the guests on either side to still see each other's faces and fully enjoy one another's company — which is really what the holidays are all about.

Deck Your Halls

You don't need to be Martha Stewart — or employ her vast team of stylists — to create a festive holiday atmosphere in your own home. We have all the eye-catching greens you need to bring the holidays to life at the Patio. In addition to wreaths, garland, and mantelpieces, we offer various door charms and pendants — plus mistletoe "kissing balls" that can be hung wherever you see fit. And if you need a statement piece, we also offer freshly cut branches of curly willow, red twig dogwood, winterberry, and manzanita that look absolutely gorgeous propped up in a tall vase or popped into seasonal containers for added structure and interest in the winter. (Check out Deby using her design eye to place these berry-laden branches in our urn planters last year.) Our team also enjoys arranging an assortment of fresh centerpieces each year that are perfect for using on your table or for giving away to the holiday hosts in your life as a token of your appreciation.

Lighting It Up

One of our favorite things about the holidays is getting to drive around and look at the holiday lights that seem to pop up everywhere — blanketing trees and shrubs, punctuating roof lines, and glowing from windows! Illuminate your holiday with string lights from Cornell Farm, as well as other unique lighting options to for your front yard or entryway.

Beautiful Blooms

There's nothing like beautiful blooming Poinsettias, Christmas Cacti, Cyclamen, Amaryllis, and Paperwhites to brighten your home and add a festive touch to your hearth, table, or entryway. We are proud to offer a lovely selection of pre-potted plants that make for fantastic centerpieces for your holiday table, as well as amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs for you to create your own one-of-a-kind display. We almost always have these bulbs in stock by late October for you to get a head start, because it can take a few weeks for them to sprout and bloom when forced indoors.

If you're concerned about your beloved pets eating potentially toxic plants, know that we are too. In addition to being our official office dog, our lab Cami is a member of the family, and she's notorious for eating anything in sight. But don't worry too much: Although they get a bad rap, Poinsettias are only mildly toxic to dogs and cats, and a few simple precautions — like placing them out of their reach — will allow you to enjoy these plants with peace of mind.

Ornamentation Station

We think freshly-cut Christmas Trees are beautiful in their own right, but there's just something about those perfectly-spaced boughs that just begs to be decked out. Call us "ornament obsessed," but we love the ritual of bringing down the boxes of holiday ornaments each year and the fond memories they bring to mind. Whether your collection is decades-strong or just starting off, we have a wide assortment of beautiful ornaments you're sure to fall in love with, from adorable felt woodland creatures to ornate glass baubles and beyond.

Garland Grandeur

While we're trimming the tree, we would be remiss if we didn't mention garland. Wrapping a string of miniature ornaments, felt foliage, or pom-poms around your Christmas Tree is an easy way to instantly unify most any hodgepodge collection of ornaments into a cohesive design and elevate your holiday aesthetic. They're also great for hanging over doorways, around windows, or along a mantel to bring a festive touch — and who says you have to take them down when the festivities are over? Many of our hand-dyed felt garlands would make beautiful home accents when left up year-round. (We know, because we've done it ourselves!)

Decor & More

Who says you have to stick to a certain palette when decorating for the holidays? Not us, certainly! Maybe you want to create a wintry aesthetic with blues, whites, and silvers, or perhaps you just want to stick to something festive but a little more subtle, like a forest of monochrome Christmas Tree statues on your mantle. Whatever the case may be, we have a rainbow of options to help you express yourself with any color you choose — or all of them! From colorful welcome mats and cheeky dish towels to classy bronze reindeer statues and candles that smell like a forest, we have it all. The world needs more good vibes, and the holidays are the perfect time to bring out some peace, love, and positivity in the things you surround yourself with.

No matter your holiday design sensibility, we hope you've found some useful inspiration in this year's Holiday Decor Guide. Our staff are always happy to assist you in tracking down any of the items mentioned on this list or making your final selections. Although some of the items mentioned above are available online, we invite you to come look around in person to see what speaks to you. There's plenty of home accents and gifts to discover at the Farm that wouldn't fit here!