January 13, 2021 2 min read

“When and How Do We Care for Our Backyard Orchard?”

If you have fruit trees, you may be wondering how to best care for them through the winter months. As our edibles garden expert, Cynthia, explains, now is the perfect time to take pest and disease prevention measures so your trees are healthy and productive once the warm weather arrives. This article explains when and how to prevent insect and fungal diseases from harming the fruit trees in your home gardens, as well as tips for pruning your fruit trees to maintain their health and beautiful form. We are in the process of doing just these things for our fruit trees here at Cornell Farm, and are eager to share our knowledge and resources for organic treatment and practices. Since now is the time to get this important (and fun) work done, let’s get started! 
When and how do we protect fruit trees from insects and fungal diseases?  
Whether you have a backyard orchard or a few fruit trees on your property, now is the time to protect your fruit trees from insects and fungal diseases that come alive in early spring.

We recommend readingthis article written by Steve Renquist for the OSU Extension Service entitled,Managing Diseases and Insects in Home Orchards.  He provides the process and safety information you need to get the job done.   
Based on his expert article we recommend a 1-2-3 prevention approach to preventing insect and fungal damage to back yard fruit trees. We also recommend using the following organic products you need to get this job done, all of which we carry in-store:
  1. This is a sulfur spray that should be applied in the next week to prevent fungal diseases. 
  2. This is the dormant spray that should be applied two weeks after #1 to prevent insect damage 
  3. This is the copper spray that should be applied two weeks after #2 to prevent fungal diseases.
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you read the labels on the bottles and understand all of the precautions recommended for the safe application of these products.  Reviewing The OSU article (link provided above) will give you an overview to help you understand what you are doing and we highly recommend reading it prior to spraying your trees. 
When and how do we prune fruit trees to maintain their health and beautiful forms?    
Now is also the best time to be pruning your fruit trees. We have anexcellent article in the resources section of our website with our best tips and tricks for caring for your backyard orchards. 

In addition to theCornell Farm resources section of our website, we have a fantastic, knowledgeable staff here to help. Simply stop by and ask!

Finally, theOSU Extension is also a great resource for home gardening information, as it pertains specifically to PNW planting and prefers sustainable, organic gardening solutions just like Cornell Farm.

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