Remember May Day?

Remember May Day?

Many of you may remember celebrating May Day growing up. Our owner, Deby, recalls making small cone-shaped baskets with handles with construction paper and staples, filling them with flowers, and hanging them from her neighbor’s doors as a child. In the spirit of the season (and because we could all use a little encouragement right now), we have put together a list of five May Day-inspired, quarantine-friendly activities for you and your family:

1. Make a May Day Flower Basket: Practice your basket weaving, use an alternative (like an old mason jar), or have your kids make their own paper version. Fill it with fresh flowers and leave it on your neighbor’s door. sure to not practice the tradition of kissing anyone who catches you! (social distancing!!)

2. Enjoy the Spring Weather: Get outside (in a safe way). Work in your garden if you have one... plant a tree, plant some flowers (We just got in some beautiful native irises!), or add one of our Fuchsia Baskets to your patio for you and the hummingbirds. Breath in the fresh air, and soak up that Spring sunshine (as good for your soul as it is for your immunities!)

3. Make a Flower Crown: We made this flower crown, and had a Dance Party in our living room this past weekend. Traditionally, May Day was all about tossing around colorful streamers, donning flower crowns and dancing around a Maypole. This is your perfect opportunity to allow your children to do a structured activity AND get their “wiggles” out!

4. Use Flowers: Try one of these unique ways to incorporate flowers (and plants) into your indoor life:

  • Eat the Flowers- (You read that right!) We have a whole selection of edible flowers in-store!
  • Create an air plant or succulent display- We have some beautiful air plants and succulents both online and in-store.
  • Create a Terrarium or “Fairy Garden”- We have Terrarium supplies - glass vessels, decorative rock, moss, terrarium tools, and of course, plants

5.  Do a May Day Craft: Google or Pinterest “Flower Craft” or use one of these simple ideas- 

  • Make a Lei- Hawaii has traditionally celebrated May Day as “Lei Day”
  • Dry Blooms and make a bookmark
  • Make a Ribbon Wand

Help us spread some love as Spring comes to Portland! Share your May Day activities and tag @cornellfarm in your stories so we can share!!