April 22, 2021 1 min read

Using organic instead of chemical-based fertilizers have several key benefits. Like a pro-biotic for your garden, organic fertilizer mostly feed the microorganisms in the soil, who in turn actually feed the plants. Plants get the food nature intended, in quantity and quality that they evolved to make the best use of, and at the same time soil health improves. 
Chemical fertilizers can work well in container gardens or indoor plants, where the potting soil doesn’t actually contain any real soil at all, and therefore, doesn’t contain enough organisms to perform their magic. However, when chemical fertilizers are applied to the ground, they feed only the plants while the salts they contain tend to deplete the health of the soil. Plants grow well as long as the use continues, but that growth comes at the cost of the soils fertility. 
E.B.Stone organic fertilizer contains the important microorganisms from native soils, so are effective in both containers and the landscape.