Interview the Gardener: Tom Young

Interview the Gardener: Tom Young

What’s your favorite plant and why?

I have lots of favorites...

Evergreen tree: Picea pungens “Niemetz”... Beautiful white new growth against blue needles. 

Deciduous tree: Acer circinatum... Vine maples remind me of foraging for chanterelles in the Oregon Coast range!

Evergreen shrub: aucubajaponica... I love a pop of color in a shady area. 

Deciduous shrub: Buddleia globosa... The flowers look like cheese puffs and they dry really well.

Perennial flower: silver lace hellebore... the delicate silver foliage is my favorite!

Annual flower: orange marigolds... Cheerful little guys that last a long time..

Ground Cover: Platt’s Black...they look like little ferns! 

Houseplant: Rex Begonias... totally unique forms and colors. 


What’s your best gardening tip? 

Try to create year-round interest. Think about what your garden will look like in the fall, in the winter etc. Trees with interesting bark like red twig dogwood and Acer p. Sango Kaku create visual interest when not much is blooming. 


What’s going on in your personal garden right now?

I’m developing my kitchen-garden. I love to cook and it’s fun to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables. Plants like rosemary, thyme, sage etc. make beautiful landscaping plants well. I’m was inspired by the fig tree at Cornell Farm, so I recently planted my own. 

What’s your favorite thing about working for Cornell Farms?

It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about plants and gardening. I’ve learned so much from listening to my coworkers and talking with guests about what’s going on in their garden. I learn something new here every day!