Houseplant Winter Care Tips

Houseplant Winter Care Tips

As any houseplant aficionado knows, houseplants are not immune to the wrath of winter despite their indoor, temperature-controlled climate. Our houseplant expert, Beky, has provided a few tips to keep even the most temperamental plants happy through the winter months!


Light is one of two of the biggest factors in determining the survival of a houseplant. The shorter days of winter mean less light for your plant. Beky suggests moving plants closer to light sources (like the window) and/or using a grow light. We carry bulbs that look just like a regular light bulb, but provide the right wavelengths of light to keep your plants healthy and strong!


Water is the other big factor in determining houseplant survival, and tends to go hand-in-hand with light. That is to say, the more light a plant is getting, the more water it will potentially need (and vice versa). Therefore, with the shorter winter days and lack of natural sunlight, plants will require less water during the winter months. 


Beware the drafty window. Temps that dip in the evening, a drafty window, or a fireplace mantle could wreak havoc on a temperamental houseplant. Try to keep your plants away from areas with a wide temperature fluctuation range. 


Houseplants do not need to be fertilized or fed during the winter months. Houseplants go into a sort of hibernation during the winter months, and tend to do most of their growing during the longer summer days. 


The winter months tend to bring drier indoor air due to radiators and heaters keeping our homes warm. Be sure to check the humidity requirements for your houseplant, and move a humidifier nearby if needed.

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