January 28, 2021 2 min read

Houseplant parents can be hard to shop for...especially if you aren't a houseplant parent yourself. Beky, our houseplant expert, put together a quick list of her top 5 faves, and has even paired the perfect pot to go with!
  1. Valentine’s potted collection- Cupid Peperomia big minute pot $38, Heart Hoya Leaf tan/mauve cube $25, Heart Leaf Philo scarlet/raspberry cube $21.- All chosen for their ease of care. These plants will tolerate bright indirect light, thrive with part sun, and must dry down almost completely between waterings. Heart shaped foliage to remind your Valentine year round that they are loved. Thoughtfully planted into pots with modern design, subtle pink and neutral tones to fit in with their decor long after the Valentine’s Day has passed.
  2. Jewel Orchid $14 / Francis Cachepot $6- This plant is a real gem! Beautiful dark foliage with faint pink-red veins, easy grower, and flowers mid-winter! A lot of ours are in bud right now. Pair it with this elegant Francis cachepot that compliments the dark foliage, and white blooms to come!
  3. String of pearls $14 / Kendall matte pink 4” $8- Pearls are a classic gift, but think outside the box with these live pearls! An effortless gift for the plant parent with lots of light, who might be a forgetful waterer. Pair it with a sweet pale matte pink Kendall cachepot to make those beaded strands really stand out. While cachepots are decorative holders not intended for planting into, we do offer a hole drilling service for pots that we sell in-store. Only $2 a hole!
  4. Gold Dust Dracaena $9 / Ecoform trio $16.99- Not sure if they’re a gold or silver person? Either way they’ll love the ‘gold’ speckling on the foliage of this easy care Dracaena. Also resembles the Milky Way, a great way to tell someone you love them more than the stars in the sky. Pair it with this sweet Ecoform Trio with saucer. We carry eco forms in a wide range of colors, sizes as well. This line is great because the pots are biodegradable, made from grain hulls, a renewable resource, no plastic at all. These pots will take 10+ years to begin breaking down in the home. A great combination for the nature lover in your life.
  5. Silver Dragon Alocasia $100 / Dark Marble Luna Pot $8.99- An astounding find for the houseplant collector that already has everything. They’ll certainly be impressed that you were able to get your hands on one of these. Pair it with a nice Dark Marble Luna pot to accentuate those silvery-green hues. Experts know using terra-cotta will set your plants up for success, promoting a healthy root system.