Our Top 10 Garden Gifts

Our Top 10 Garden Gifts

Are you searching for the perfect holiday gift for the green thumb in your life, but don't feel confident giving them a plant? We have plenty of great gift ideas that you won't have to keep alive until the big day, from tools to make their life easier to garden decor that will make them smile — plus so much more! Check out our specially curated list of our top ten (non-plant) gifts that will delight any gardening enthusiast, then visit us in person to find even more garden gifts.

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1. Barnel Pruning Kit

We've heard it said that a gardener is only as good as their tools, and while we think that's probably a bit harsh, good tools certainly go a long way in making a gardener's life easier. We love this pruning kit from Barnel because it packs a lot of value into a small package: Not only do you get a handy-dandy set of bypass pruners, but a mini saw, a sharpener, and a holster that will hold it all. Whoever you gift these to will be prepared for some serious hand-pruning action!

2. Mossiful Adjustable LED Plant Light

Plant people — ourselves included — are often known to impulse buy a plant without knowing exactly where it will go. If you know someone with an "I'll make room for it" approach to their houseplant hobby, chances are they could use more supplemental lighting for those new additions that didn't quite fit on their windowsill. A Mossiful adjustable LED plant light is the perfect solution to shine a life-giving spotlight on plants such as these. The innovative, low-profile design of this fixture is both stylish and functional and comes in either a black or white finish. The telescoping post can be adjusted to the height of the plant, and it stakes right into a pot for easy installation.

3. Garden Statuary

Help the gardener in your life add a bit of personality and charm to their garden with a unique statue. Whether it's a magical mushroom, a whimsical gnome, or a graceful animal, these statues bring life to any outdoor space — and there's no rule saying they can't be used inside the home, either! We think smaller concrete statues make particularly lovely decorations indoors, but they're certainly durable enough to withstand the elements out in the garden, too. We also offer much larger concrete statues in a variety of styles, as well as several metal options in a beautiful rust finish. (For something totally unique, our beloved Riley the Ram stationed in the corner bed that flanks the parking lot out front is available for adoption in all his artfully rusted glory.)

4. Bird Baths & Fountains

Water is such an important part of a garden. Not only does it sustain our plants, but when incorporated into the landscape via a water feature, it can be transformational. Fountains — even a small one that fits on a table top — create a soothing ambiance with the gentle sound of flowing water. And a bird bath is not only a source of water for backyard birds, but a statement piece in and of itself. Help the gardener in your life add a touch of elegance to their outdoor space with a bird bath or fountain — or get the best of both worlds with a two-in-one birdbath fountain! We have a wide variety of styles and materials to complement any garden aesthetic.

6. Glass Garden Sculptures

Add a touch of artistry to the garden with stunning glass garden sculptures like the ones from local artist Andrew Holmberg above. These handcrafted pieces come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes inspired by nature, from colorful blooms to spiraling finials that are sure to add a touch of whimsy to any outdoor space. And when the sunlight hits them, they positively glow, offering a mesmerizing backlit display that's sure to be a conversation starter and a focal point in any garden.

8. Ceramic Garden Orbs

Garden orbs are a fantastic way to enhance the visual appeal of a garden, and for that reason, they've made this list. These glazed ceramic spheres come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your giftee's aesthetic sensibilities, and their glossy surface reflects the beauty of the landscape around them. (We think they are particularly well-suited to use in soft, meadow-inspired plantings, where they add stunning structure and contrast.) When placed strategically throughout the garden, they can be used to create visual interest, movement, and a sense of harmony, whether you opt for a restrained color palette or the full rainbow.

7. Cedar Rocking Chair

After a long day of gardening, there's nothing better than sinking into a beautiful cedar rocking chair to admire your handiwork. Handcrafted from durable-but-lightweight cedar wood, these chairs aren't just beautiful, but built to last. Consider giving one as a gift this holiday season to allow the gardener in your life to sit back, rock gently, and enjoy the fruits of their labor in the garden.

8. Potting Bench

We think a potting bench is an essential tool for any gardener. It provides a dedicated workspace for potting plants, organizing tools, and storing supplies, helping to make gardening tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Made of high-quality cedar that's free of knots and blemishes, the potting benches we carry not only provide a smooth surface to do any number of tasks, but they look good doing it!

9. Fermob Patio Furniture

If you're looking for an extra impressive gift, consider upgrading their garden seating area with the gorgeous, precision-crafted patio furniture from Fermob. Not only are these pieces aesthetically pleasing, but they are built to withstand the test of time. Opt for a colorful, retro-inspired 60's set complete with bench, chairs, and coffee table. Or create a cozy spot for relaxation with a unique Lorette conversation bench for two, pictured above in a beautiful cherry finish. We are the only retailer in Portland that carries these beautiful products, and we can even place a custom order for you, although it's too late for it to arrive in time for the holidays this year!

10. Garden Coaching Session

No matter how long someone has been gardening, chances are they could benefit for an infusion of fresh perspective from a trained design eye. A Garden Coaching Session is the perfect gift for gardeners looking to breathe new life into their landscape with the help of a professional to bounce ideas off of and problem solve alongside. And new for 2023, we're excited to not only offer 90-minute garden walk-throughs with our designer Bill Clodfelter, but kitchen garden-specific sessions with or our lead kitchen gardener, Cynthia DuVal, too.

No matter who you're shopping for, we hope you've found some useful inspiration in this gift guide. We invite you to come look around in person to see what speaks to you at the Farm! Our staff are always happy to assist you in tracking down any of the items mentioned on this list or making your final selections.