"Houseplants on Lockdown" sounds like a strange, reality TV series, but for many, it's a true lived experience. Even before the Coronavirus pandemic shut down our nation, houseplants were gaining in popularity. The reasons for this are multifaceted. Many people find themselves in living situations that don't include an outdoor space for a garden, while others are enticed by the many known benefits to owning a houseplant, including:
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Decreased Stress Levels
  • Improved Physical Health
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
With the boom in houseplant ownership, we here at Cornell Farm are finding a huge increase in demand for variety. We offer one of the largest selections in the areawith drive-through, minimal contact pick-up available. Our expert staff can also give advice on which houseplant is right for you, or you can check out our in-depth, houseplant resource guide on our website here: https://cornellfarms.com/blogs/houseplants

Many of us are looking for ways to interact with nature during this COVID19 crisis. Finding ways to safely get outside and recreate are few and far between. Houseplants are a perfect way to bring the outside in and get that little bit of nature we've all been craving. Here are a few ideas and tips for incorporating houseplants into your life in lockdown:
  • Start easy: Use our light and water chart to determine the right plants for you, ask our expert staff, or use our helpful houseplant 101 guide
  • Diversify: Try incorporating a few different plants into your home in case you find that one of them isn't a good fit or isn't happy with the environment.
  • Do Your Research: Read up on houseplant care and make sure you have everything you need for ensuring the health of your plant.
  • Shop online: We have an enormous selection of houseplants on our website with pickup and local delivery options.
We want to encourage our patrons to #spreadthehouseplantlove during this time. Inspire and cheer-on family, friends, and neighbors by purchasing small houseplants and leaving them on their doorstep with a sweet note and care card. This is a trying time for everyone, and we could all use a little love and encouragement.

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