Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Show a little extra LOVE this Valentine's day with a bit of nature from Cornell Farm that will last for months to years—good for the planet and joy for humans!  Indoors or out.  Not only do we offer the highest quality plants in Portland, but we have a tailored collection of quality supplies, gifts, tools, and decor for gardeners and non-gardeners alike!

The Playmates:

Partners that garden together, stay together!

Garden Coaching:
With more Home time these days, make it the space of your dreams!  Give the gift of beauty, personal delight, or ecosystem enhancement, or home grown food and added real estate value—a Garden Coaching gift certificate.  Our landscape contractor and designer Bill Clodfelter enhances and transforms landscapes on a daily basis.  From coaching to design and installation—you choose. It and it starts with a Garden Coaching session. 

The right tool for the job can take an outdoor garden to the next level. It's a practical and functional gift with top-notch quality that will stand the test of time. Some of our favorites include: Felco pruners, solid-cast aluminum digging fork, Mud Wonder Grip gardening gloves, Better Brooms, Safe Foam kneeling mat, Tommy Co knee armor, Coir welcome mats, and rain chains.   

There are so many plants and trees that are ideal for gifting to your partner! Skip the over-priced long-stem roses in favor of planting David Austin roses, which have been bred for their exquisite fragrance. There are also several heart-leaf plants and trees suggested by our staff: 
Beesia deltophylla—under-used evergreen perennial for the front of the border with lustrous glossy, heart-shaped leaves and white dainty flower stalks in early summer.
Wild Ginger (Asarum)A. caudatum (native) and A. europaeum have evergreen heart-shaped leaves which release a spicy ginger and citrus fragrance when crushed.
Katsura (Cercidiphyllum japonicum)larger specimen tree to 50’, also known as Maidenhair Tree after the delicate fern posing pairs of leaves spaced neatly along arching branches.  Heart-shaped leaves emerge reddish-purple in spring, mature to blue-green and shift again to yellow or apricot in autumn releasing a caramel/burnt sugar or cotton candy fragrance from decaying fall leaves. Hearts forever!
Redbud (Cercis)—burgundy or green heart-shaped leaves appear after small, bright pink flowers decorate the bare branches in spring. Smaller-scale varieties make this genus accessible from containers to the landscape.  Striking spring color with 8 months of hearts to enjoy.

Furniture and Decor:
We offer both the famous French Fermob line and Pacific NW made cedar furniture that will take your backyard oasis to the next level. We also offer everything from ceramic/wooden/concrete/sustainable planters, benches, outdoor pillows and rugs, seating and tables, to fire pits for those chilly nights. Consider gifting your loved one with one of our statues and fountains, harmonically tuned Music of the Spheres chimes, or glass art stakes, stone & glass stakes. 


The Love Birds:

For your bird and wildlife-admiring companion...

Birdhouses and Feeders:
From hummingbirds to songbirds to bats, we offer homes, feeders, food and more! Our fleece birdhouses are make a cozy home for backyard songbirds, hand-painted glass hummingbird feeders support natural pollinators for a better spring garden, and adding feed like the spicy bug suet keeps the squirrels away while encouraging beautiful birds!


Bird-inspired statuary can provide year-round interest to your garden for years to come! Consider adding a one of our bird baths or an adorable, bird statue!

Inspired Gifts:
Create a well-rounded bird-inspired gift basket of books, puzzles, and a quirky stationary set. Many of our bird-inspired items are on display near the registers.

Native Plants:
By planting native plants, you encourage and support native pollinators and wildlife in your garden. Consider gifting your wildlife fan with a membership to Backyard Habitat Certification Program and a Cornell Farm gift card for native plants!

The Sweethearts:

For your honey with the sweet tooth...

Cafe Gift Card:

Both our cafe and our nursery offer gift cards. For the foodie on your list, a simple cafe gift card for their favorite beverages, pastries and Brunch to-go offerings will be the unexpected treat they can look forward to savoring. 


If you are shopping for a coffee-lover, then a bag of our Sleepy Monk coffee will be a definite hit! And hey, grab an espresso from the bar while you are here, you deserve it!

We also sell boxes of Smith Tea in our cafe, if you are more of a tea-drinker. These fine-quality teas can make an excellent stand-alone gift, or pair with one of our classy, Cornell Farm brand insulated mugs and a jar of Cornell Farm honey for a great grab-and-go gift!

The Soulmates:

Enjoy an intimate evening in...

We now carry a wonderful selection of crystal and gemstones perfect for cleansing the chakra, igniting passion, or boosting self-confidence. 

Puzzle and Chill:
Instead of "Netflix and chill," "puzzle and chill" with your love for a fun evening in! We have a large selection of beautiful puzzles ranging in sizes and themes! 

From sage smudge to Soap & Paper Factory’s candles to Aromas Artesanales de Antigua aromatherapy natural oils, we have the perfect scent to set the mood for a romantic evening in!

Personal Care:
Pamper your loved one with our collection of chemical-free personal care items. We carry everything from soaps and lotions to personal care books. Try out our line of Try out our line of Walton Wood yummy scented & super moisturizing hand creams!


For us, there is hardly anything more alluring than a home full of houseplants. 
Consider one of our pre-potted, heart-themed plants for a ready-to-go gift. We also have a fetching collection of large-speciman and unique plants that are sure to bewitch the houseplant-lover on your list!



The (Little) Darlings: 

For the cherubs that stole your heart...

Our children's book selection has been curated to contain our favorite garden and plant-inspired kids books. These make the perfect gift for inspiring a new generation of gardeners with range of both fiction and non-fiction!

Not only do we have an impressive line-up of trickier (500+ piece) puzzles, we carry easier puzzles for kids as well. From 10 different companies, there are literally hundreds of puzzles in many styles and difficulty from which to select. These eye-catching works of art are a gift the whole family can enjoy!
Arts & Supplies:
Fun, creative activities are also in stock such as Forest Friends and Stacking Stone Erasers, felt tip pens, colored pencils, mini notebook sets, leather journals, vintage school wall charts featuring botanical, celestial and skeletal systems. Encourage your aspiring botanist with a selection of supplies made for little hands. Our animal-shaped watering cans are a kid-favorite, as are the kid-sized tools and gloves. 
When it comes to plants for your littles, looking for items that grow easily and quickly is always a safe-bet. Seed packets of nasturtiums, radishes and sprouts are a fan favorite. The Venus fly trap, is sure to please your little scientist!