Fresh Greens

Fresh Greens

You don't need to be Martha Stewart (or employ her vast team of stylists) to create a festive holiday atmosphere in your own home.  Rachel Novotny, our Patio Manager, has miles of fresh noble fir garland, oodles of wreaths, and an assortment of eye-catching centerpieces to bring the sights - and smells - of the holiday season indoors.

"My colleague Maria makes our centerpieces with noble fir, juniper, cedar, and thyme," says Rachel.  "And our wreaths are locally made too. I buy them right off the pick-up truck from the couple that crafts them." 

"People come into our Patio, take a deep breath and ask me, 'Why doesn't my house smell like this?' says Rachel.  "The more garland you have, the stronger the scent.  And when you clip or break the garland, you get more scent."  Pro tip: Don't mist your fresh garland; they release more scent as they dry out.  The garland comes in 75-foot rolls, and Rachel and her elves will cut your garland to any length you like.

According to Rachel, the holiday season is the 5th season of container gardening (after winter, spring, summer, and fall - duh).  Just add some twigs of red dogwood, sprigs of holly, and noble fir to make your containers look festive.  And bonus - no watering required!  Another clever idea from Rachel: Plant your spring bulbs underneath beforehand and just pull out the holiday stuff in February.

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