Cornell Farm 2019 Gift Guide

Cornell Farm 2019 Gift Guide

Don’t forget that Cornell Farm will deliver gifts up until December 24th!

Ambitious Gardeners

If you really want to impress the ambitious gardener in your life, you can arrange an in-depth Garden Coaching Session with our in-house expert, Bill. The recipient of your gift can call Cornell Farm to schedule an appointment for Bill to meet at their garden.

Gifts: statement pots, fountains, large arbors, Felco pruners,  Fermob Luxembourg side chairs and bistro table, cement tables and benches by Campania

Large statement specimen plants: Japanese maples, Chief Joseph Lodgepole Pine, Redwood Tree, Monkey Puzzle Tree

Outdoor Gardener

Plants: hellebores, flowering camellias, pre-order roses, jasmine, outdoor bonsai, Cypress Lemon, pre-planted statement pot

Gifts: Corona forged digging fork, Mud Wonder Grip gardening gloves, Better Brooms, Safe Foam kneeling mat, Tommy Co knee armor, Coir welcome mats, Barron Collection Rain Boots, rain chains

Aspiring Botanist (Kids!)

Plants - Venus fly traps, sundews, spider plants, succulents, cacti, Goldfish Plant

Gardening Supplies - animal-shaped watering cans, kid-sized gardening tools and gloves

Gifts - garden-themed puzzles, bird food (sunflower seeds,) books about bugs and flowers, and seed packets. Radishes and cat grass are two favorites because they grow super fast!

Stocking Stuffers (Gifts Under $25!)

Plants - Houseplant minis, most 4” potted plants, cyclamen, poinsettias, flowering kalanchoe

Gardening Supplies - Dramm compact pruning shears, Japanese stainless saw sickle, gardening gloves, Renee’s Garden scatter garden seeds, decorative rain gauge, soil pH tester, Nutscene Garden Twine multicolor 8-pack

Personal Care Items - Park Collection candles, Somerset Toiletry Co bath salts, Walton Wood Farms lotions, Aromas Artesanales de Antigua luxury hand creams, Beauty of Bath soap

Gifts - Paper Anchor Co plant-themed keychains, Hemleva plant-themed pins, pen-toppers, ornaments, suet blocks for birds

Houseplant Lovers

If you really want to impress the houseplant affectionado in your life, you can arrange an in-depth Houseplant Coaching Session with our in-house expert, Becca. The recipient of your gift will be able to schedule a session at their home.

Plants - ask them what is on their wishlist! Some much beloved plants for enthusiasts are: Monstera adansonii, String of Hearts, Fishbone Cactus, Stromanthe triostar, Rattlesnake Calathea, hoyas, String of Dolphins, and many more -- just ask!

Terrarium supplies - glass vessel, decorative rock, moss, terrarium tools, a Terrarium book, and a gift card to buy plants!

Houseplant supplies - fancy mister, watering can, terra cotta or glazed pots, plant hangers, HB 101 plant vitalizer, and plant stands

Books - We have a wide selection of houseplant books. Two of our favorites are, “How to Make a Houseplant Love You,” by Summer Rayne Oakes and, “Plant Parenting,” by Leslie F. Halleck.

Coffee drinkers

Buy them a Cornell Farm Café Gift card! (We have just recently introduced Cocktail Hour from 3-6pm Tuesday through Saturday.)

Gifts - coffee travel mugs, Sleepy Monk coffee beans, puzzles

Kitchen Gardeners and Urban Homesteaders

Plants: fruit trees, seed garlic, rosemary bushes, New Zealand Lemonade tree, potted indoor citrus

Gifts: row labels, seed packets, trellises, garden bed frames

Hostess Gifts

Plants: amaryllis, planted houseplant arrangements, designed pot for outdoors, holiday plants

Gifts: Paddywax candles, wreaths, swag, Panier des Sens honey soap, Magnolia Home room spray 

Wildlife Lovers

Information from the Backyard Habitat program on how to get certified, along with a gift card to buy native plants!

Plants: native plants, pollinator flowers, hummingbird flowers, butterfly host and nectar plants, habitat trees

Gifts: birding books, bee books, vintage design hummingbird feeder, birdhouses, mason bee houses, Wild Woolies felt birdhouse, Perky-pet Panorama bird feeder, Nature’s Nuts suet treats for birds

Pet Owners

Plants: pet-friendly houseplants! (We have an extensive list available in our houseplant section and online here.)

Gifts: dog bowls, Coir welcome mat (to wipe those paws on!), Mad Mat indoor/outdoor rugs, hanging pots (to keep plants out of pets’ reach), macrame plant hangers

New Homeowners

Plants: small conifers, magnolia tree, Maple Coral Bark , variegated holly, Mahonia Soft Caress, statement houseplants -- Norfolk Pine, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Monstera deliciosa, orchids

Gifts: Garden Coaching Session, Cornell Farm gift card, Tag Living handwoven rug, cedar planter boxes, Toadvine Cedar Trellis, hanging baskets, Water Right hose, pre-planted statement pot

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